stan list ! emma watson ben barnes miley cyrus karen gillan christian bale kristen stewart alan cumming luke wilson
comfort characters ! piotr rasputin steven meeks patrick bateman nina zenik luna lovegood jerome valeska anthony adams
comfort movies ! dead poets society maurice x-mencomfort shows ! snl the office freaks and geeks

rachael !

they/them bisexual fictosexual fifteen fünfzehn nonbinary 25 august

please tw/cw milk, ice-cream. animal abuse. the shining & annabelle

dni / byf
you are homophobic, racist, or you are abusive in any way. you only stan bts. you are younger than 13 or over 26. you don't like any of my comfort characters.
on twt - you are going to pqrt something of mine
books ! harry potter series narnia grishaverse books the body romeo and juliet dorian gray
likes ! painting playing the trombone singing writing reading watching movies